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Hazards and Control of Mould & Legionella in Buildings in Ontario

Course Type: Course
Course Length: 3 days
Price: 1195.00

Course Overview and Scope

It is well recognized that exposure to mould growth in buildings can result in adverse health effects. Authorities at all levels require assessment and remediation of potential mould growth, as well as appropriate precautions to protect remediation workers and building occupants. Recent outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease have reminded us all of the need to control this risk in building water systems.

This course provides comprehensive information for building managers, health and safety staff, contractors, and insurance professionals to meet their responsibilities for controlling the risks related to mould and Legionella contamination.

The content and delivery incorporates valuable expertise and extensive field experience. Case studies are reviewed, and the participants will have a chance to interpret real survey and testing results, and plan the remediation of real world situations.  We also include demonstrations of various equipment and mould samples, and encourage class discussion throughout the course.

Course Outline

In this course you will learn about:

  • Introduction to mould biology
  • Common causes of mould growth in buildings
  • Health effects of exposure to mould growth in buildings
  • Regulations and guidelines for assessment and control
  • Due diligence in responding to water damage or mould growth
  • Legionella risk identification and control
  • Managing buildings to prevent future mould growth (Mould Management Program)
  • Procedures for inspection, testing and assessment of mould and bacterial contamination
  • Mould abatement procedures, small to large scale

Proof of Training

Upon completing this course, each participant is provided with a certificate as proof of the training.

Please note: Payment must be received and processed before a certificate is issued. Refer to our course payment policies for more details.


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Continuing Education Points

This course is eligible for certification maintenance points from certain organizations listed on our Continuing Education Points page.

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