Update on Asbestos and Mould in Buildings

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Complimentary Session
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2 hour
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Apr 24, 2014 8:30am to 10:30am North Bay Clarion Resort Pinewood Park $0.00 Closed

Buildings of any age, both old and new, can contain potentially hazardous asbestos materials. In addition, even newer buildings can develop environmental hazards if water damage leads to mould growth. 

Learn about the current status of regulations and guidelines on asbestos and mould in buildings including steps employers, property managers and owners can take to limit their liabilities for these issues.


Kenora and Thunder Bay -  Dale Wiebe, P.Eng.(Civil), branch manager for North West Ontario working out of our Kenora Office.

Kingston -  Mike Harrett, Operations Manager, Hazardous Materials, Pinchin Environmental Ltd., Kingston Office.

London and Windsor - Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Hazardous Materials, Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

Mississauga and Toronto - Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President, Hazardous Materials, and Bruce Stewart, Senior Vice President, Indoor Air Quality & Mould

North Bay: Tyler Kiss, Senior Technical Manager for Pinchin’s Northeastern Ontario Region.

Ottawa -  Brian Healey, Senior Technical Manager, Hazardous Materials & Transactional Due Diligence; and Tyler Kiss, Senior Technical Manager, Indoor Air Quality & Mould, Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

Peterborough - Mike Wilson, Regional Manager, Pinchin Environmental Ltd.

Sudbury & Sault Ste Marie - Jay Inman, Office Manager, Pinchin Environmental Ltd., Sudbury Office.

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