Flood Restoration - What Facilities People Should Know

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Complimentary Session
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2 hour
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Sep 16, 2014 8:45am to 10:45am Toronto Downtown Office $0.00


This Complimentary Session Provides an Overview of the Following:

  1. Update on regulations and guidelines, general liabilities and due diligence responses to water damage and mould growth
  2. Review of the categories of water damage
  3. What needs to be completed during a flood assessment
  4. The remediation monitoring and documentation process


Flood incidents in buildings can result in many inconveniences such as business interruption, accessibility issues and damages to building materials. Immediate response is key to limiting these inconveniences and limiting secondary damages such as microbial growth. 

Employers, property managers and facility managers face both regulatory actions and civil litigation if they do not effectively prevent or manage situations of potential mould growth. 

Understanding the three categories of water damage will aid in decisions for removal versus salvaging building finishes. Assessing the extent of water damage and monitoring the remediation efforts will provide documentation that all affected areas have been adequately remediated.


  • Elvira De Gasperis, B.Sc. Hons., CRSP., Senior Project Manager, Indoor Air Quality & Mould
  • Ottawa and Sudbury sessions presented by Tyler Kiss, Project Manager, Indoor Air Quality & Mould
  • Kingston sessions presented by Mike Harrett, Operations Manager, Hazardous Materials, Kingston Office.
  • Winnipeg sessions presented by Jay Snedden, Technical Manager, Indoor Air Quality & Microbial Contamination

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