Asbestos Air (PCM) Sample Chain of Custody Form

Please print the ASBESTOS AIR PCM SAMPLE CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORM, complete the required fields and have samples brought, mailed or couriered with payment to:

Pinchin Ltd.
Mississauga Laboratory 
Attention:Kendra Bertuzzi
2470 Milltower Court 
Mississauga, ON L5N 7W5   (Map)

Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. There is a sample drop box beside the main doors.  

Phone: 905-363-1433 or (888) 767-3330 ext. 1433
Fax: 905-363-0681
Email: Laboratories Contact Form

All Pinchin PCM analysts participate in the IRSST round robin program for air sample analysis.  

Note that Phase Contrast Microscope (PCM) NIOSH 7400 analysis of airborne fibres by trained analysts is available at all Pinchin offices.

The pdf form is not an interactive pdf. You must print and send it with your samples.

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