Occupational Hygiene - Current and Emerging Issues

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Complimentary Session
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2 hour
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This Complimentary Session Includes Discussions On:

  1. The "Working Definition" of Occupational Hygiene – A Systematic Approach
  2. The Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) Enforcement Strategy - How does it affect your Hygiene Program?
  3. Managing Occupational Hygiene Risks
  4. Current and Emerging Hygiene-Related Issues:
    • Confined Space Entry - Still struggling with the Regulation?
    • Update on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) - It is coming!
    • MOL's Initiative to Update Exposure Limits
    • Occupational Exposure Limits in the Construction Sector


Year after year, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board statistics indicate that workplace-related fatalities from occupational disease outnumber those from traumatic injuries, by a large margin.

Implementing and maintaining a dynamic Occupational Hygiene Program is the key to identifying and controlling worker exposures to chemical, biological and physical agents. A number of new and emerging issues will impact your Hygiene Program in 2014 and beyond. 

This Session Provides Strategies For:

  • Demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Protecting your workforce
  • Managing your OH&S-related business risks

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