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Corporate Social Responsibility

The work we do seeks to advance safety and environmental improvement at our client sites and by extension in the communities we are part of. As leaders in our field we continue to apply our expertise and our lessons learned to improve environmental standards. Pinchin is guided by our Values which emphasise the importance of our relationships and impact on our communities. Our values compel us to act with honesty, integrity and accountability and to ensure corporate social responsibility. In 2018 we saw renewed interest by our government and media on climate change, diversity and the impact of development on ecosystems. 

As a leader in our field we see our future is dependent on the health and viability of our regions and communities across Canada. We have reviewed and renewed our CSR processes to enhance the Impact of our operations by minimising our landfill waste and by better educating our staff and communities through outreach, community volunteering and board participation. 

Sustainability has been described as one of the great challenges of the modern era. At Pinchin we are committed to strategically maximising our impact through our innovative project solutions and the collaborative engagement of our dedicated staff.

Download a copy of our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report