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2017 Asbestos Guidelines for Manitoba

Course Type: Complimentary Session
Course Length: 2 hrs
Price: 0.00

This seminar includes information on the 2017 Asbestos Guidelines issued from Safe Work Manitoba. Current Manitoba Labour regulations place specific obligations on employers and building owners regarding the management of asbestos in buildings. Attend this session to find out about the measures and options for managing asbestos and minimizing the risk to employees and building occupants.

Note: The scope of this session is not sufficient for those who will do asbestos work. Refer to our course listings or contact us about training that is required in order to perform asbestos work.

Changes to Guidelines for Asbestos Management 

  • The new Guideline replaces all previous asbestos guidelines.
  • Establishes a measure of Best Practice for preparing an Asbestos Inventory, which is required for any building constructed prior to 1990.
  • Establishes a measure of Best Practice for determining how many samples are required when sampling suspect materials in a building.
  • Provides minimum requirements for developing and implementing an asbestos control plan when asbestos is present in a workplace.
  • New change to include Type 1 and Type 2 asbestos abatement as part of the mandatory notification to the director of Workplace Safety & Health prior to starting work.
  • Establishes detailed training criteria which includes trainer qualifications, specific levels of training for supervisors and workers, as well as course durations and content.
  • New and heightened emphasis on the need for site specific risk assessments and safe work procedures for all levels of work.
  • Significant changes to recommended air monitoring requirements based on the site specific risk assessments.
  • Significant changes to the requirements on Type 1,Type 2 and Type 3 abatement procedures (eg. Mandatory enclosures for asbestos removal being conducted outdoors).
  • Detailed recommendations for performance (DOP) testing of HEPA vacuums and negative air cabinets

Who Should Attend?

  • Building Owners
  • Facility / Property Managers
  • General Contractors & Tradespeople
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Insurance Adjusters

Instructor Bio

Edwin Wooster
Senior Project Manager, Hazardous Materials

Edwin Wooster is a project manager for the hazardous materials group at Pinchin Ltd. He has over 18 years of experience, with more than 10 years in project management of environmental audits and hazardous materials management.  He currently manages, co-ordinates, and supervises hazardous materials audits and abatement projects for a number of clients with large multi-building facilities. He has conducted in excess of 500 asbestos survey and inspection projects and is extremely proficient at the collection of field data for the purpose of asbestos surveys. Edwin holds an Engineering Design and Drafting Technology diploma from Red River College.


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