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Laboratory Decommissioning: Practical Solutions

Course Type: Complimentary Session
Course Length: 2 hrs
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Course Overview & Scope

Many laboratories use hazardous materials that can be toxic (e.g. mercury and cancer causing formalin/formaldehyde), radioactive (e.g. carbon 14), biohazardous materials (e.g. hepatitis C), and in some cases explosive (e.g. perchloric acid use, or the addition of blood preservatives, both of which that can lead to shock sensitive compounds that may explode when disturbed during the dismantling of ventilation or drain systems). There are also many other hazardous agents (chemical and biological) that may have been used or present.

To address these hazards, laboratory facilities that are undergoing renovation, demolition or a change of occupancy (e.g. used as another laboratory, a daycare centre or an office suite) require a risk assessment that considers both the past and prospective use of the space. This risk based approach will help ensure that the space is adequately assessed, proper steps are taken to remove any contamination, workers are protected during the process, and confirmation of proper decontamination is made. If done correctly, the space will be ready for the safe use of prospective users, and produce defensible documentation for future tenants, building owners or lenders that any hazards have been properly addressed and liabilities are minimized.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) jointly developed the ANSI/AIHA Z9.11 - Laboratory Decommissioning. This Standard provides guidance on the steps necessary to ensure the process of laboratory decommissioning achieves the desired objective of safe future occupancy.

This breakfast seminar will provide an overview of the methods put forth by the ANSI/AIHA Standard, and provide practical solutions for proper laboratory decommissioning and establishing due diligence.

Who should attend?

  • Those who renovate or demolish laboratories
  • Owners of laboratory operations (e.g. hospitals, blood services laboratories, universities)
  • Property managers that have laboratories in their portfolio
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