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Phase Two ESA, Remediation Evaluation and Planning

As part of a billion dollar major commercial/residential development on old municipal airport lands, Pinchin is providing predevelopment environmental assessment and remediation services to assist in secure necessary development permits, such as a Record of Site Condition from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The proposed development includes construction of several multi-residential condominium towers, retail complexes, and office space.

Pinchin services have included Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments and Remedial Technology Evaluation for four distinct Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APECs). The work will be conducted for the purpose of filing a Record of Site Condition to support redevelopment. Because each APEC had different contaminants of concern and constraints, Pinchin developed unique remediation technology approaches for each area.

Remediation technologies proposed to be implemented at the Site include soil excavation and in situ chemical oxidation for groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons. Pinchin implemented a groundwater remediation and risk assessment approach while the airport was still operating necessitating the need to use an innovative groundwater recirculation approach to treat organic contaminants beneath the airport hangers. Ultimately the remediation and risk assessment approach will be used to file Records of Site condition required for this significant commercial and residential development.

Market Sector: Redevelopment to Multi-Tenant Commercial Residential

Key Features

  • Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments
  • Detailed Site Investigation
  • Remediation Technology Evaluation
  • Remediation Implementation and Performance Monitoring
  • Record of Condition