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HAZ Market - Building Demo HealthCare

HAZ Market – Demolition/ Decommissioning of HealthCare facility

Hospital Demolition

As part of a municipal health system’s effort to modernize its services and facilities, Pinchin was retained as part of a multi-disciplinary team to support the decommissioning and demolition of a historic hospital property. Once demolition is complete, the lands ownership will revert to the city for redevelopment. Pinchin’s Services

Pinchin reviewed the existing documentation available from the building owners, and then worked with the team to perform detailed hazardous building materials and designated substance investigations needed prior to demolition. Based on these investigations, Pinchin developed hazardous materials abatement specifications for the removal of asbestos, lead, mercury, and PCBs and was responsible provided daily inspection and air monitoring services for the abatement portion of the demolition. Pinchin was also responsible for monitoring the progress of the hazardous materials abatement, and assisting in project management, including attending regular site meetings.

The hospital demolition is a significant project in the city, requiring regular consultation and information sessions with stakeholders, including community members. Pinchin assisted in preparing materials distributed as part of public consultations held in January 2014 to inform local residents and stakeholders on the demolition plan and precautions taken to minimize potential adverse impacts on the surrounding community. Pinchin attended public meetings with stakeholders to discuss the project with members of the public and the media.

During the course of the work, Pinchin was responsible for perimeter air monitoring to ensure there were no off-site impacts affecting local residents and neighboring properties. Hazardous materials abatement was successfully completed in 2014.

Market Sector:

Decommissioning, Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition

Key Features:

  • Designated Substance Assessments
  • Demolition planning and oversight