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MARKET - Manufacturing - demolition & remediation

MARKET: Manufacturing Facility
Building Demolition & Remediation

Manufacturing Facility Demolition & Remediation Project Summary

As part of the demolition of a 400,000 SF manufacturing facility, Pinchin provided complete environmental project management services to determine the nature and extent of environmental contamination and manage risk for future site redevelopment.

Pinchin completed Phase I and limited Phase II site assessments and a designated substance inventory. The manufacturing process left the historic building with contamination above and below slab. Mercury used in the manufacturing process had leached into concrete slabs and contaminated building components including structural steel and block walls.

Pinchin engaged in communication with surrounding residents, municipal government, municipal heritage board, and local utility companies on behalf of the client.  

Upon completion of the environmental testing, Pinchin prepared a specification package which included hazardous waste removal, packaging and disposal, structural demolition, site grading and drainage, and site safety. The contract documents were written to ensure demolition activities did not impact surrounding industrial and residential properties.

An environmental risk assessment (RA) was completed at the Site in order to provide a risk based approach to managing the contaminants present on the slab that was to remain. The results of the RA identified that all CoCs could be managed by scarifying the concrete slab and applying a sealer to prevent future rain water from penetrating the slab and contaminating surrounding soil.

As part of the demolition activities, Pinchin provided full time site presence and was responsible for oversight during hazardous waste removal, mercury vapour monitoring, site safety, waste collection and diversion and waste characterization prior to disposal.

Upon review of the historical significance of the facility, it was deemed that the exterior façade of the building was to be maintained. Pinchin retained the services of a historical consultant and structural engineers who together designed and installed a structural support system to maintain the exterior cladding of the facility, while demolition of the remainder of the building took place.

Project Highlights

Market Sector: Decommissioning, Hazardous Materials Abatement and Demolition

Key Features:

  • Heritage Building
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Hazardous Materials Remediation
  • Risk Assessment