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MARKET - Residential Development - Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Residential Condominium Development

Pinchin was retained by a developer building a multi-residential condominium to identify potential environmental contamination from historic land uses and provide a practical solution to limit risks to future building occupants. After discussions with the City and the developer, Pinchin completed a streamlined Tier III risk assessment (RA) to provide a risk based approach to managing the contaminants present at the Site. Contaminants of Concern (CoCs) included metals, chlorinated volatile organic compounds and petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater. This was especially of concern because the Site is located where groundwater is used for drinking water. The results of the Risk Assessment identified that all CoCs could be managed on Site through Risk Management Measures included as part of the condominium development, rather than undertaking potentially costly and lengthy groundwater remediation.

The results of the RA indicated that in limited areas of the Site, select CoC concentrations in groundwater were above acceptable levels for groundwater consumption as well as for inhalation of indoor air. Based on the findings of the RA, the following Risk Management Measures were required:

  • Restriction of groundwater use; development of the property included installation of systems using alternative sources of water as drinking water
  • Construction of an enclosed below ground parking garage and a non-residential first floor to limit potential inhalation exposure for building occupants.

Based on Pinchin’s recommendations, the development was able to proceed on schedule.

Project Highlights

Market Sector: Property Redevelopment and Record of Site Condition

Key Features:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
  • Tier III Risk Assessment
  • Groundwater Risk Management Measures
  • Building Construction Risk Management Measures