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Property Development

For any new development, and particularly where land uses change, it is important for developers to understand the financial and environmental risks associated with new buildings and rezoning. These may include potential on- and off-site contamination from historic land use, nuisance environmental impacts such as noise and odour from neighbouring properties, and legal requirements for environmental monitoring during construction.

Pinchin’s national team of consultants includes Engineers, Geoscientists, Risk Assessors, Scientists and Technologists who are experienced in identifying and minimizing risks during property development. Our services include:

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Filing of Record of Site Condition (RSC)

  • Noise and Odour Assessments for Land Use Rezoning

  • Environmental Construction Monitoring

  • Liaison with the Ontario Ministry of Environment & Climate Change and Municipal Agencies

  • Expert Witness Testimony at the Ontario Municipal Board

  • Underground Storage Tank Management

  • Remediation / Risk Assessments