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Air Quality

Air quality means many different things to businesses, employees, and community members. Whether you need to protect workers from process emissions, address employee concerns about indoor air quality, respond to community complaints about environmental odour or noise, or meet your regulatory requirements for air emissions to the outdoor environment, Pinchin can help.

With over 30 years of experience, our Canada-wide team of engineers, industrial hygienists, LEED Accredited Professionals, scientists and technologists can navigate the regulatory landscape, identify your air quality needs, and provide practical solutions for your workplace.

Services include:

  • Ontario Environmental Compliance Approval (Air and Noise) applications and Environmental Activity and Sector Registry registration for equipment discharging to the environment

  • Air and Noise (Occupational Hygiene) Testing for workers potentially exposed to hazardous substances as part of industrial processes

  • Odour Emission Assessments and Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

  • Industrial Ventilation Design and Noise & Pollution Control
  • Air Inspections during Hazardous Materials (asbestos, lead, mould) removal

  • Legionella Investigation And Management Plans

  • Indoor Air Quality assessments related to ventilation and worker comfort

  • Mould Growth Investigations