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Building out or decommissioning infrastructure to support environmental measures requires a unique combination of knowledge and skills to plan and support the varied considerations of these types of proposals. Renewable energy projects in wind, solar or distribution, baseline environmental assessments, with consideration given to species, vegetation and aquatic life, and geological surveys are just some of the areas where Pinchin has proven expertise. We offer guidance from the early scoping phase to the design, execute and build phases through to post-construction site monitoring. We act as a trusted partner on your bidding team and significantly contribute our experience and knowledge to ensure your project’s mandate is successfully completed and maintained.

Pinchin recently contributed to a large Canadian project in the following ways:

  • Identifying Legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Surveying existing natural conditions, sensitive environmental features and potential impacts
  • Performing a site assessment of actual natural conditions, sensitive environmental features and potential impacts
  • Providing recommendations and mitigation measures for potential impacts, and
  • Providing site monitoring, audits, inspections during and after construction