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Toxics Reduction Act Planning

Ontario Toxics Reduction Act

The Ontario Toxics Reduction Act has been in effect since January 2010, and applies to all Ontario manufacturers and certain mining industries. TRA reporting starts with an assessment of substances used, created, and released, similar to the NPRI. These reports are due June 1.

Facilities who meet reporting criteria must then prepare a Toxic Substance Reduction Plan that includes:

  • process-level quantifications for all reportable substances used and released
  • technical and financial feasibility assessments of opportunities to reduce the use and creation of these substances
  • identification of reduction opportunities to be implemented, or a rationale for why no opportunities are implemented
  • certifications from a licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planner, and the highest ranking employee at the facility
  • a summarized version of the plan that is submitted to the MOECC and made public on the internet

Plan Summaries are due December 31 of the same year as the first report, and then must be reviewed by December 31, 2018 and at least every five years afterwards.

Pinchin has four Toxics Substance Reduction Planners on staff, as well as experienced engineers, project managers and technologists who can review reduction opportunities with client team members, find real world benefits to reduction, prepare compliant plans and plan summaries, while helping you protect confidential business information.