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Legionella Consulting & Management Plans

Regulations and standards related to Legionella are rapidly changing. Building owners and managers must demonstrate due diligence to prevent Legionella growth in buildings. The impact of a Legionella infection in a building can be severe, widespread and cause serious or fatal disease.

Pinchin has been involved in numerous cases to detect the source of Legionella through comprehensive building investigations, collection of samples and recommending cost effective solutions.

The method to detect and eliminate Legionella risk in buildings requires care and a significant knowledge of water systems and Legionella growth characteristics. Pinchin's consultants and field staff have years of experience in Legionella investigations, site reviews to detect problem areas, risk communication and remediation. They take a practical approach to managing Legionella in building water systems, providing you with a complete preventive management program to limit risk and protect the health and safety of occupants.

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