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Alternative Energy

Where further energy efficiency is required, our patented District Energy Sharing System (DESS) technology can share energy between buildings. A low temperature hydronic loop optimizes water and energy resources throughout the facility. To every project, whether a DESS scheme or a more traditional District Energy design, a single building or a whole community, we bring the knowledge, experience, and integrity through which we have earned our reputation for excellence and professionalism. Some of our past projects have been recognized by ASHRAE, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

Core Competencies

  • District Energy feasibility, planning, and design
  • Geo-exchange Opportunity Analysis, Planning, and Design
  • Infrastructure and Energy Modelling
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Financial Modelling of capital, operation, and maintenance costs, and revenue forecasting
  • Business Case Preparation and Analysis
  • Energy and Water capacity and demand matching
  • Strategic staging development planning
  • Energy Source Evaluation, Analysis and Integration (sewer heat recovery, CHP plants, solar, wind, geo-exchange, biomass)