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Sewer Discharge & Wastewater

aMunicipalities are moving to a “polluter pays” model to help fund the infrastructure needed to treat industrial wastewater and stormwater discharges. Plant managers and operators need to be aware of the nature and quantity of contaminants they are discharging in water (process, sanitary and storm) leaving facilities.

Cities and municipalities treat wastewater from industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) facilities prior to discharge into the natural environment. Stormwater, for the most part, is discharged to the environment without treatment.  Provincial and federal water discharge standards must be met before final discharge. Many wastewater treatment plants are not capable of properly treating all of the substances released in wastewater streams. Sewer by-laws are established to protect the environment from both deleterious substances in untreated stormwater and and persistent substances not removed in municipal treatment plants.

Pinchin’s services include:

  • Sampling and identification of source pollutants
  • Preparation and implementation of pollution prevention plans
  • Incorporation of pollution prevention in Environmental Management Systems
  • Coaching or facilitating cross-functional teams in the pollution prevention process
  • Provision of training programs and workshops to staff
  • Municipal and Provincial discharge permits, surcharge agreements and compliance programs
  • Drinking water sampling and analysis

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