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O.Reg 390/18 – Mid Year Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirement

August 22, 2018 - Video blogs


With the cap & trade program being abolished, do you know what your facility’s mid-year 2018 reporting requirements are? Pinchin Ltd.’s Project Manager for the Emissions, Reduction & Compliance Group, Shawn Roberts discusses the requirements for reporting mid year Greenhouse Gas emissions under the new Regulation 390/18 as part of winding down the Cap & Trade Program.

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Video Transcript

“With the recent decision of the provincial government to abolish the Cap and Trade Program and the associated Regulation 143/16, a new Regulation 390/18 has been developed.

Under the new regulation, a mid-year 2018 reporting requirement has been established as part of the wind down process of the Cap and Trade Program. By October 1 of this year, all required facilities shall submit a report of greenhouse gases emitted from January 1 to July 3 of 2018. In addition, these calculated emissions are required to be verified by an accredited verification body, with the verification report submitted to the Director no later than December 1st 2018,

The regulation applies to both mandatory and voluntary participants and your facility will be required to complete this mid-year reporting requirement if:

– You were required to report Greenhouse Gases under the previous Regulation 143/16

– You were a capped participant that was required to have a Greenhouse Gas Report verified in 2018

If you have any questions regarding the mid-year reporting requirements and its applicability to your facility, please give Pinchin a call today.”