Grow-op Residential Property Clearance and Remediation

Marijuana grow-ops are more common than you think, with many unsuspecting landlords and property managers falling victim to these illegal and potentially dangerous operations.

If a police raid on your leased property reveals a marijuana grow-op, you will likely receive an Order to Remedy an Unsafe Building that describes the conditions you’ll need to meet before you can resolve your case. The electrical supply to the building will also most likely have been disconnected.

Pinchin can return a former grow-op property to a healthy and legally compliant environment - safely, effectively and quickly. Pinchin’s Certified Industrial Hygienists offer complete assessment and remediation management services for successful rehabilitation of marijuana grow-op properties.

To restore your property to a healthy and legally compliant state, you must provide the municipality with an environmental assessment stating that the building is:

a)     Fit for occupancy

b)     Free from biological and chemical hazards

c)     Structurally sound 

The ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) will also require this information to turn the power back on.

Pinchin’s marijuana grow-op assessment and remediation services are available. We also offer grow-op assessment and remediation services to financial and insurance companies, real estate firms and home owners.

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