Sustainability & Environmental Performance

Helping You Take Climate Positive Actions

There is a growing societal shift in how we operate and design our buildings with the environment in mind. Not only are there federal directives in place, but there are also multiple municipal action plans across the country that seek to improve our buildings sustainability. Sustainability and environmental performance are now key aspects of annual reporting.

Pinchin’s Sustainability Team understands the pressures associated with reaching ESG, sustainability, emission reduction goals, and establishing sustainable and environmental practices through building certifications including WELL, LEED, BOMA, Fitwel, ENERGY STAR, etc. Our expertise relates to new and existing buildings from certification and support through assessment, sampling and measurements or policy development.  

Pinchin’s Sustainability Team brings a strong background in sustainable development, energy management, and emission reduction practices combined with field assessment and data collection to provide everything needed to achieve your climate positive initiatives. Our team possesses a strong understanding of building science and sustainable practice to offer the latest innovations and technologies, saving on costs and reducing emissions in line with internal, municipal, state, federal, or corporate directives.

Pinchin’s Sustainability Team can provide cradle to grave sustainability services for your buildings including the following:

  • Sustainable Design Concepts for new construction or retrofits

  • Field assessments, measurements, and sample collection for certification

  • Audits, modelling and planning

  • Development of policies, practices, and implementation plans

  • Submissions for certification

Helping You Analyze & Understand Your Current Status

In addition to building certification support, Pinchin’s Sustainability Team can also provide the following services to help you better understand your current standing and help keep track of your climate positive efforts:

Zero Carbon Readiness Screening

The Zero Carbon Readiness Screening (ZCRS) process creates a baseline of portfolio energy usage coupled with creatinga common-sense strategy to achieve carbon reduction targets. The ZCRS includes portfolio energy modelling allowsus to identify areas of high energy consumption and viable options for efficient reduction and returns. We augment this with a Zero Carbon Policy Statement and Pinchin’s Road Map to Net Zero reduction strategy.

Sustainability Scorecard

Facilities today target a variety of sustainability certifications such as LEED, GRESB, BOMA, and Fitwel. Pinchin’s Sustainability Scorecard is a unique tool to measure how close a facility is to achieving certifications.

Climate Resiliency

Pinchin can assist you in mitigating the affects of climate change on your buildings through the application of resiliency baseline assessments, PIVEC protocol assessments, and our internal Climate Vulnerability Summary (CVS). The CVS includes an analysis of physical climate risks in relation to the geographical location of the site. The analysis includes a review of climate models and past climate trends. Floodplain identification is included within the analysis.

Energy Performance

Our Sustainability team conducts energy audits and modelling in addition to electrification and district energy solutions.

If you need support with any of your projects or want more information about our sustainability and environmental performance related services, please contact your local Pinchin office, or call us at 1.855.PINCHIN (746.2446)