Alternative Energy

At Pinchin, our Alternative Energy group is focused on finding better ways of heating and cooling buildings. We are known for thinking innovatively and, as a result, have delivered some of the most exciting and cutting-edge renewable energy projects.

Our approach is to consider how heat pumps and energy recovery can be used to reduce a project’s fossil fuel consumption and associated GHG emissions. Especially in provinces with clean electricity (like BC) heat pumps can be used to eliminate almost all GHG emissions from buildings. Our experience is in deploying heat pumps and heat recovery strategies for single buildings and across whole communities through district energy.

One solution Pinchin has pioneered is a new type of district energy system known as a District Energy Sharing System (DESS). Traditional district heating systems operate at high temperatures, are not designed for heat pumps, and are largely powered by burning fossil fuels or biomass. In contrast, a DESS operates at ambient temperatures, is optimized for heat pumps, and is designed to be powered by combustion-free renewables like geo-exchange, wastewater heat recovery, and energy sharing.

To every project, whether a single building or a whole community, we bring the knowledge, experience, and integrity through which we have earned our reputation for excellence and professionalism. Some of our past projects have been recognized by ASHRAE, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia.

Core Competencies

  • District Energy feasibility, planning, and design
  • Geo-exchange Opportunity Analysis, Planning, and Design
  • Infrastructure and Energy Modelling
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Financial Modelling of capital, operation, and maintenance costs, and revenue forecasting
  • Business Case Preparation and Analysis
  • Energy and Water capacity and demand matching
  • Strategic staging development planning
  • Energy Source Evaluation, Analysis and Integration (sewer heat recovery, CHP plants, solar, wind, geo-exchange, biomass)