Government and Institutions

Government and institutional, or public, building owners and managers are often required to navigate complex regulatory requirements across several jurisdictions. This challenge can be compounded by conflicting regulations, aging infrastructure and constrained budgets.

Let Pinchin be your trusted advisor to assist you through this process. Our professional team is made up of experts knowledgeable in federal, provincial, state and municipal requirements, with an underlying commitment to keeping worker and public safety top of mind. We can provide thoughtful guidance regarding the long-term impact of urgent decisions, with practical planning expertise to support your renewal projects from completing funding applications to project completion. We are with you every step of the way.

  • Building Decommissioning
  • Capital Planning and Renewal
  • Building Performance and Sustainability
  • Air Quality
  • Spill and Flood Response
  • Insurance Support Services
  • Legal, Compliance, and Permitting
  • Hazardous materials management