For a fee, Pinchin can aid homeowners and home Inspectors by providing:

  • Background information on issues of environmental health in homes.
  • Analyzing samples that have been collected by a homeowner or home inspector for asbestos or mould growth.
  • Advice on sample collection.
  • A certificate of analysis for the test results.
  • General guidance on how to handle your problem.

Pinchin’s services to Homeowners include:

Asbestos & Vermiculite Testing

Asbestos is not easily visually identified, but can be found in many building materials dating to before the mid-1980s

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Mould Testing

Flooding & water damage in carpets, wood, & drywall can lead to mould growth, which poses a health risk to you & your family.

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Flood & Moisture Damage

Pinchin’s qualified, trained technicians are experts in completing mould investigations in your home.

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Radon Testing

Radon is an odourless, colourless, tasteless gas that occurs naturally in rocks and soils, and may become trapped inside buildings.

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Residential Fuel Spill

A loss from a residential fuel oil system can be a very complicated matter, and a challenge to deal with.

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Grow-op Residential Property Clearance & Remediation

Marijuana grow-ops are more common than you think, with many unsuspecting landlords and property managers falling victim.

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