Building Condition Assessments

With today’s ever-tightening budgets, facility managers need to do more with less. Pinchin can give you the facts on the most cost-effective strategy to manage building maintenance today and for the future. A Pinchin Building Condition Assessment (BCA) includes:

  • Inspection of building envelope, interior finishes, mechanical and electrical systems, and accessible structural components

  • Assessment of fire and life safety systems and exterior site features such as walkways, parking, and landscaping

  • Written and photographic documentation of each component together with observed deficiencies

  • Review of general documentation on repair and maintenance histories

  • Interviews with facilities and maintenance staff

  • A formal written report including observed deficiencies, estimated lifespan of building elements and systems, and a list of recommendations for repair or replacement with estimated costs.

  • Facility condition index benchmarking and funding considerations

A BCA is a smart way to maximize building life and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Pinchin’s BCA services can be enhanced with a Reserve Fund Study, to help our clients develop long-term capital budget planning of expenditures for major repairs or replacements of building components and equipment.