Environmental Risk Assessment

As regulatory limits for environmental contaminants become increasingly tight, it is not always financially or technically possible to remediate to government standards. As land uses change, what was once considered a safe level of contaminant concentrations, may no longer be compliant. Pinchin’s Risk Assessment team is able to provide human health and ecological risk assessments to examine potential risks and propose management measures to protect people who use the site and the environment around it. Pinchin will complete all steps of a Risk Assessment including:

  • Full Regulatory Approved Risk Assessment

  • Due Diligence or Screening Level Risk Assessment

  • Exposure Assessment Modeling

  • Toxicological or Chemical Hazard Assessment

  • Risk Communication

Pinchin can also provide peer review of previously completed Risk Assessments, assist with the filing of Record of Site Condition with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, and provide ongoing monitoring of the property and indoor air quality to help protect employees, residents, and the community at large.