Environmental Science

What Is Environmental Science & Why Do You Need It?

Environmental Science (ENS) is crucial to ensure regulatory conditions and best management practices are followed. All development activities are required to conform to regulatory requirements to protect the environment and human health and safety.

An ENS program lists actions or treatment processes designed to achieve effective and optimal environmental outcomes during development, and measures performance against regulatory requirements to establish a good record with governing agencies and stakeholders.

With the complex nature of government approvals and conditions, Pinchin’s ENS services provide clients with cost effective solutions to:

• Ensure successful EA approval and project planning
• Improve construction cost estimates
• Avoid construction delays due to non-compliance
• Lower environmental associated risks
• Amend or update compliance conditions to adapt to planning changes
• Liaison with agencies
• Supervise and monitor environmental compliance
• Facilitate communication between government, owner or contractor

Pinchin Provides The Following ENS Services:

• Environmental Feasibility
• Environmental Baseline Studies
• Impact Assessments
• Environmental Monitoring & Mitigation
• Environmental Protection Plans

If you need support with any of your projects or want more information about our Environmental Science related services, please contact your local Pinchin office, or call us at 1.855.PINCHIN (746.2446)