Geotechnical Services

Thinking of developing your property? Knowing the underlying geology of your property will control how successful you project is. Pinchin can help provide tailored engineering solutions for each and every site.

The need to investigate subsurface conditions is of vital importance before any construction work takes place. Each and every geotechnical engineering project is unique and Pinchin provides tailored geotechnical engineering solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With careful attention to problems associated with the complex nature of subsurface soil and groundwater conditions, Pinchin’s Geotechnical Engineering services provide clients with practical and cost-effective solutions.

A well thought out executed Geotechnical Engineering evaluation by Pinchin will:

  • Ensure successful planning and construction
  • Improve construction cost estimates
  • Lower risks
  • Decrease construction time
  • Increase safety
  • Decrease construction costs and overruns

Pinchin offers a full suite of geotechnical Engineering services to help clients manage every situation.
Our services

Geotechnical Site Investigation/Evaluation

Pinchin is well versed in the requirements for geotechnical site investigations for a wide range of development projects. Pinchin will review the proposed developments drawings and will develop a cost effective fieldwork program that will ensure that the soil and groundwater conditions of the property are understood so that the appropriate geotechnical recommendations for design and construction are known.

Pavement Structure Performance Investigation & Design

Pinchin is able to perform geotechnical investigations to determine the causes for pavement failures and provide various rehabilitation options including full depth reconstruction, allowing the Client to budget for many life cycle scenarios of the pavement structure.

Slope Stability Analysis

Many slope stability analyses are performed to assess the safe design of human-made slopes, such as road embankments, road cuts, and excavations. Additionally slope stability analyses are performed on natural slopes for creek embankments and river slopes. Pinchin is able to assess slopes of various heights and lengths whether for new development or new construction. 

Materials Testing and Inspection

Quality assurance/quality control during construction is as equally important to a project as is the geotechnical investigation. Pinchin is able to provide the QA/QC inspections and testing during construction, using local workforces so that the project is completed on budget and in a timely manner.

Pinchin’s Geotechnical Engineering services can be combined with any of our other service lines to provide a “One Stop Shop” for each project.

If you need support with any of your projects or want more information about our Geotechnical Engineering related services, please contact your local Pinchin office, or call us at 1.855.PINCHIN (746.2446)