Indoor Environmental Quality

Pinchin provides services to investigate and evaluate indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in non-industrial workplaces such as offices, schools and hospitals. Poor indoor air quality can have a significant negative impact on the comfort and health of occupants, resulting in increased building operating costs, loss of productivity, and poor morale.

Our trained, experienced consultants have performed thousands of IEQ investigations. We take the big picture view, looking at all factors that could impact on indoor environmental quality including heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems, off-gassing from finishes and furnishings, and microbial contamination such as moulds or bacteria.  Pinchin's professional services help our clients meet occupant's expectations for satisfactory indoor air quality.



Pinchin’s IEQ department offers a team of engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists/Registered Occupational Hygienists, project managers, technologists, and administrators. Staff of the Indoor Environmental Quality department focus entirely on assessing and correcting indoor air quality concerns and addressing problems associated with indoor mould growth.  All Pinchin staff have completed training in water loss restoration via IICRC and The Clean Trust, and mould training through Pinchin internal training programs, as a minimum.  

If you need support with any of your projects or want more information about our Indoor Environmental Quality related services, please contact your local Pinchin office, or call us at 1.855.PINCHIN (746.2446)