Microbial Contamination Consulting

Anyone who owns, runs or renovates a building may have to respond to the possibility of mould contamination. This includes schools and daycares, health care facilities, apartments and private residences, office towers, large and small commercial buildings, and shopping centres. Virtually any moisture-affected building surface can support mould growth. Various species can cause adverse health effects in occupants, ranging from headache and flu-like symptoms to serious and possibly permanent health impairment.

Pinchin has provided microbial contamination consulting services for 30 years and has been an active stakeholder in the development of abatement specifications. Our services include:

  • Investigations of suspected microbial contamination
  • Development of remediation plan and project management
  • Preparation of mould management and prevention plans
  • Testing for mould and bacteria in bulk, air, swab and water samples
  • Training for building managers, human resources personnel, health and safety staff, and abatement workers and supervisors

Our consulting services are supported by our AIHA-accredited microbiology laboratory at our Mississauga head office.