Contaminated Site Remediation & Redevelopment

Site remediation is required when contaminants pose a risk to financial or legal liability, or to human or environmental health. Successfully remediating a site enhances property value and limits future risk. Many provincial and municipal government agencies require a Record of Site Condition or other documentation to show that the site is safe for new proposed land uses.

Pinchin’s remediation team has over 30 years of experience handling projects ranging from a single storage tank decommissioning to site-wide in-situ treatment or bioremediation. We are able to develop remediation strategies that meet a client’s legal and financial needs. Pinchin can lead a project from the initial environmental site assessment and analysis, to remediation technology evaluation and pilot testing, through to technology implementation and site clean-up, and filing of a Record of Site Condition.

Remediation projects can often be extensive, time consuming, and may involve several parties including property managers, financial institutions, contractors, regulators, and community stakeholders. Pinchin’s depth of experience means we are able to be as involved in remediation projects as our clients need us to be, including on a contract basis or full turnkey project management.


  • Phase I and II ESAs (Record of Site Condition)

  • Hydrogeology & Groundwater Management

  • Water Quality Sampling & Testing

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Soil Vapour Assessments

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments

  • Remediation System Evaluation & Feasibility Studies

  • Innovative Remedial Solutions (in-situ/ex-situ)

  • Construction Oversight & Contractor Management

  • Underground Storage Tank Management