Hazardous Materials Inventory System

Hazardous materials management system is online and in-hand. Pinchin’s exclusive Hazardous Materials Inventory System (HMIS) is a detailed, accurate, secure, and reliable facility management tool for tracking asbestos and other hazardous materials in your building.

HMIS can be shared between users within a company so the building owners and facility managers can simply click on any area of a building plan and view a list of all hazardous materials in that area. Unlike hard copy or simple database programs, this will be the last hazardous materials management system you will ever need. Updates and tracking of abatement activities is readily performed by your staff, or any consultant.

Hazardous Materials Inventory System (HMIS-Online)

  • Online database used to house all data and documents for your asbestos management program
  • Centrally located and accessible through the internet
  • Uses information collected to help establish action priority
  • Used on industrial sites, commercial or public buildings
  • Can handle millions of square feet
  • Secure and reliable access
  • Mobile device compatible

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