How to Take a Mould or Bacteria Sample

Tape-lift, bulk and swab samples are analyzed in our lab by Direct Microscope Analysis (DME). Please read all instructions before proceeding.

Tape-lift sampling

  1. Use a 5 cm (2”) piece of clear Scotch tape (not opaque or duct tape). Hold it along the edges, trying not to touch the sticky side.
  2. Press the tape gently onto the surface to be sampled.
  3. Peel the tape off the surface, holding it by the edges as much as possible and place it sticky side down on a piece of wax or grease paper.
  4. Place the paper in a clean zip lock plastic bag.
  5. Complete the Chain of Custody form and send to the lab.

Bulk sampling

  1. Wearing protective gloves, cut a small 5 x 5 cm (2” x 2”) piece of the suspect material (e.g., drywall, carpet, wood), taking care not to disturb the mould.
  2. Place the sample in a clean zip lock plastic bag (one sample per bag). Label the bag.
  3. Complete the Chain of Custody form and send to the lab.

Surface Swab sampling (for wet surfaces)

  1. Use a sterile swab for sampling on wet surfaces.
  2. Wearing protective gloves, roll a sterile swab lightly across the area to be sampled. (To quantify the amount of mould or bacteria on the surface, swab a specified surface area—e.g., 100 sq. cm.)
  3. Insert the swab in the tube or a clean zip lock plastic bag and label the sample.
  4. Complete the Chain of Custody form and send to the lab within 24 hours. In case of delays, use a cooler box with ice packs for wet samples.

Air sampling

This is a more complex procedure involving the use of special equipment (pump and air cassettes or agar strips/plates). We recommend  contacting our Mississauga Microbiology Laboratory to book a trained technician.

Fees for Tape-lift, Bulk and Swab Analysis

Regular Service – 3-5 working days -- $50 per sample (plus applicable taxes)

Rush Service -  (24-hour turnaround) --  $100 per sample (plus applicable taxes)

Getting Samples to Us

Drop off, mail or courier samples with payment to our Mississauga Microbiology Laboratory:  

Pinchin Ltd.
Microbiology Laboratory
Attention: Dr. Rafic Dulymamode
2555 Meadowpine Blvd., Unit 2
Mississauga, ON L5N 6C3

Office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. There is an after-hours sample drop box beside the main doors.

Phone: 905-363-0678
Toll Free: 1.855.PINCHIN (746-2446)
Fax: 905-363-0681

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Chain of Custody

All samples must be accompanied by a Chain of Custody Form.