Occupational Hygiene Surveys

Keeping workers safe from exposure to harmful contaminants is a priority for every business. Pinchin has eight Certified Industrial Hygienists/Registered Occupational Hygienists (CIH/ROH) on staff, each with at least 15 years’ experience completing Occupational Hygiene surveys for both air and noise contaminants. Each hygiene survey begins with a qualitative risk assessment to identify potential contaminant sources, and to evaluate the risk of exposure. This approach allows Pinchin’s hygienists to prioritize your valuable time and resources to areas were exposure is most likely.

Based on the findings of the hygiene survey, our occupational hygienists are also available to assist the client in developing and implementing appropriate, cost-effective control measures. These measures may include engineering controls, worker training programs and personal protective equipment programs, among other strategies.

Pinchin can enlist the services of our industrial ventilation team to design custom solutions that work for your facility and operations.